I see rays of sunshine , A prayer for Texas

Their eyes are you God

The world is watching

Hear the hearts of your beloved Texas

A city there shares the name of your son

The world is watching oh Lord

Many in this land love you

They walk according to your ways

The world is watching

Malicious wolves without compassion pounce in judgement

“Where is their God?”

Hear from your mighty throne oh Lord

Say to the storm cease! and to the sun shine!

We declare a supernatural miracle

May the world see it

As the water recedes and the land dries

For you are King over the storm

Show your majesty oh Lord

May the world say surely the Lord is with them.

Lord God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel,

Let it be known today

That you are God in Israel

Answer me, Lord, answer me

So that these people will know

That you, Lord, are God

And that you are turning

Their hearts back again.

May all the people see it and say

“The Lord he is God! The Lord – he is God!”

Love Texas

Read: 1 Kings 18:36-46