Review: Secrets of a Prayer Warrior by Derek Prince

If ever there was a book that I would recommend as the go to source to reignite your prayer life it would be "Secrets of a Prayer Warrior" by Derek Prince.

Handed down to me by my mother, this book has been a powerful resource in providing me with valuable knowledge on what the Bible teaches about prayer. The book includes topics such as fasting , the Lord's prayer explained and how we can say prayers that God answers.

Ever so often, I go over the chapters of this book and yet it always feels like I am reading it for the first time and learning something new each time.

Prayer is the closest fellowship we can have with God. In learning how to pray we are in fact equipping ourselves for a successful Christian life. As the famous quote goes, " a man is only as strong as his prayer life."

In this book, Derek uses Bible scripture to bring to light key principles of prayer that are in the Bible and yet may not be known to many Christians. I particularly enjoy reading his illustration of the various components of the Lord's prayer and how each one of them should be utilised in productive prayer.

The introduction states that Derek Prince was a prayer warrior himself, and he writes that he always got what he prayed for because he aligned his prayers with the will of God.

In reading the book you find out about what the will of God is and how effective prayer can lead to God answering your prayers - in the book Derek promises that upon the reader applying the principles, they too will be able to say prayers that God will answer.

By assumption many of us would point out that we already know how to pray. I would recommend studying the chapters of this book to find valuable keys and secrets hidden in bare sight about how to improve your prayer life.