Just as the year comes to an end, Salvation Engine is turning a new corner.

What began as a simple personal blog in 2016 written by me ... and mostly for me, is opening up to a wider audience.

I am not surprised by this new route in fact I am excited about it!

There is a lot I have wanted to share over 2020 that's not made it to blog or video. It's seemingly easier to get good news off the press with audio!

There is also a lot that I have learnt and I believe I am yet to learn a lot more as I venture out in this new direction. I thank God for his faithfulness and hand of blessing upon Salvation Engine.

Sharing the word of God in a simple and direct way remains the focus.

I am excited about friends, fellow believers and everybody who will be joining me on this journey as a listener, guest or any other capacity for good conversations about God's great goodness!

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Hope to see you there!