Unshakeable Ground - Find safety in the rock that is Jesus

Jesus my Rock

Where can we find safety in the world today? Tragedy seems to strike when it chooses wherever it chooses. Diseases, wars, natural calamities, terror and other evils so widespread it makes one never want to leave their home. It feels like everything is undergoing a major shaking. In Hebrews 12: 25-28 we read:

“See to it that you do not refuse him who speaks.

If they did not escape when they refused him who warned them on earth, how much less will we, if we turn away from him who warns us from heaven?

At that time his voice shook the earth, but now he has promised, “Once more I will shake not only the earth but also the heavens.”

The words “once more” indicate the removing of what can be shaken —that is, created things—so that what cannot be shaken may remain.

Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe, for our “God is a consuming fire.”(NIV)

Can you feel the shaking? In addition to the visible turmoil, we are now in a world where truth has become lies and lies truth, the only safe and secure place is the everlasting refuge - our Lord and saviour - Jesus. The best place to find solace is His word and the only saving power is his Spirit living in us to guide us in all things. To keep us afloat and empowered in a world where everything else seems to be on quicksand.

Psalm 62 :2

He only is my rock and my salvation; he is my defence; I shall not be greatly moved.

Psalm 62:7

In God is my salvation and my glory: the rock of my strength, and my refuge, is in God.

Psalm 94:22

But the LORD is my defence; and my God is the rock of my refuge.


Dear Lord, when all seems to be shaking around us, may we quieten enough to hear your voice guiding us amidst woes. Hide us under the safety of your wings. Lord Jesus we abide in you as our rock of strength, supply and safety. Keep us moving in your light. We are thankful always and in awe of your might and goodness. Blessed be your name Oh Lord, Amen.